Welcome to my world!

Well, this is it, my first blog post, EVER!  I’m entering this new world with fear and trepidation because first, will anyone really want what I have to offer, and second, will my brain function properly to communicate clearly and concisely?

Most of you reading this first post know us fairly well already.  But some of you who have just discovered Madsen Masterpieces have no idea who we are, so let me introduce ourselves.

I’m Dana.  I love Jesus, roller coasters, candy, traveling, and games 20140919_090538like Candy Crush.  My husband, Vince, and I have had six amazing children.  Our first born, a daughter named Victoria, died suddenly at the age of two from complications due to a condition called Ivemark Syndrome (unknown to us, she was born without a spleen).  We are now raising (and homeschooling) 5 wonderful kids: Sydney (16), James (14), Kyle (11), Samantha (9), and Andrew (7).  I began face painting five years ago after I couldn’t afford to get my own kids painted at an amusement park.  I fell in love with it!  Now it’s a passion that has morphed into Madsen Masterpieces.


This is Sydney.  She is my right hand gal.  I depend on her for 2014-10-19 17.02.18everything from babysitting to web design.  As far as creativity and vision, she has both in spades.  She joined the Madsen Masterpieces team earlier this year, painting at multiple “large-group events”…and she did a fantastic job! She’s currently in the process of getting her driver’s license and let’s just say, “I can’t wait!” 🙂


We have two other part-time painters, Stephanie and Tracey.  These women are fantastic and I can’t wait to increase our business and be as busy as each of us would like to be.  Madsen Masterpieces is working to become the premiere event entertainers for all of LA county/San Fernando Valley and beyond.   It is our immediate goal to be able to offer even more fun options, including balloon twisting and custom bakery creations by The Butter Dish Bakery, a fantastic company run by my very good friend, Jennifer DuFour (please visit and LIKE her facebook page:


So, there you go.  Whew – I guess that wasn’t so bad 😉  I would love to get your feedback regarding the kinds of things you would like me to write about.  I am hoping to start making tutorial videos for some simple designs you could do yourselves.  So stay tuned.

Blessings, Dana

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