Balloons, balloons, everywhere balloons!

We at Madsen Masterpieces don’t want to just sit and paint faces; we want to create an experience that really enhances whatever kind of event you are having.  Did you know that we offer a variety of different packages?  Check them out on our website

Well, with that purpose in mind, we are in the process of adding 2014-11-14 09.01.44balloon art to our service options.  Have you ever twisted balloons before?  IT’S SCARY!   At least the first few times.  I have always hated popping balloons and this has made me face one of my fears.  That said, I am proud to say that I am finally “getting it.”

I’m still learning the finesse of balloon twisting.  This poor guy turned out to be a Teenage Mutant Pirate Turtle because I ran out of balloon to make his second leg.  But my son still loved it so it’s a “win”!2014-11-13 08.42.10



The shield and swords I made were a huge hit…in fact my boys are still “hitting” each other with them 😉2014-11-13 12.53.03







And who doesn’t love the idea of the crocodile from Peter Pan chasing down the Little Mermaid? Just kidding!2014-11-14 08.23.34





One thing God revealed to me while learning this new art form is how great an analogy for marriage it makes.  Stay with me.  Look at this balloon dog.  Simple in design but to the untrained person a2014-11-14 12.59.15 potential disaster.  This dog represents the model of marriage.  A man and woman look at this model and then they attempt to recreate it for themselves.  But guess what? Balloons pop!  The pops are the “difficult times” in marriage.

There are many reasons balloons pop.  Sometimes you just have a bad balloon.  Situations in our lives that we can’t control can add tension to our marriage that can cause a very loud “POP!” Neither person is at fault, it’s life.  It’s important to recognize those bad balloons and not waste time blaming each other for the pop.

Another reason balloons pop is because the artist is not following the necessary “steps” in the design.  If you look at the balloon animal and think, “I’m going to start with the biggest, most important section of the design first” – the middle – it is a guarantee that the balloon will ALWAYS pop.  It doesn’t matter how many times you practice; if you don’t follow the proper order intrinsic to the design, it will always fail.  In terms of marriage that means God’s design.  We can’t think, for example, that physical intimacy is the most important thing and that if that is good first that everything will work out right.  We must start at the beginning and take each next step in its proper time.  But guess what?  Even when we take each step in the right order, sometimes the balloon still pops.  That brings me to a third reason.

Finesse.  In balloon art it takes practice to learn how and when to apply certain pressure, the size of certain twists,  the tricks to keep the air from seeping out.  The good news is that if you understand the correct procedure then you can be confident that the improvements you make in the finesse of your technique will result in less balloons popping and some incredible works of art.  In marriage, finesse is exhibited in body language, communication style, giving and receiving forgiveness, and seeking ways to serve your spouse so that they feel loved.

I was so grateful to God for giving me this analogy. HE IS AWESOME!  I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

As far as balloon twisting, I can’t wait to have a good repertoire to offer.  Contact us today to plan your next event:

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